Additional Spot Source

I was wondering if another source for spots could be added to your library of sources.
In VK a lot of OPs use this website to spot and to watch.
It has the usual spots for WWFF but also some you will never get yet e.g. Silos on the Air, HEMA, Beaches on the Air etc. (see graphic). The api is very reliable, teh spots are consumed here:
The api is here: ParksnPeaks API
The spots are listed here: VK - Current Activity

I’ll take a look as time permits. I guess I’d have to figure out first which of the spots reported by the ParksnPeaks API are from sources that HamAlert already uses directly (i.e. SOTAwatch, and how to filter those out to avoid duplicates.

Quite right Manuel,
You would need to ignore everything except the special local classes - JSON field actClass in [BOTA, KRMNPA, SANPCPA, QRP, SiOTA, HEMA]
Anyway I’ll leave you to your perusal.

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