Alerts for a group of callsigns used by several hams?

Does this app support a way for a group of hams to be alerted when anyone in that group is on air meeting conditions ? I am thinking this would be good for a small local club . However, I don’t see a way to create a script that could then be used by club members. Is creating their own individual triggers the only way ?
Andy K3UK

It depends on which channel you plan to use to send alerts to the members. If you want to use the HamAlert app, then each member should create their own HamAlert account and create a trigger with all the club member callsigns in a callsign condition.

If you have some other channel that you use to communicate with your members, and have someone with web scripting experience at hand, then you could create one HamAlert account for the club and have HamAlert send URL notifications (POST) to a script on your web server, which would then send alerts to the members via your own channel.