Allow wildcards in callsign triggers

I’m interested e.g. in ten stations (B0CRA, B1CRA, …, B9CRA) that will be active for this year’s “5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival”.

It would be helpful if I could specify all 10 stations in just one callsign trigger using a wildcard like “B*CRA”.


Unfortunately wildcards don’t work well with the current architecture of the matching engine (which relies heavily on optimization wth hash tables, binary search etc.) to efficiently match the high number of spots against the high number of triggers.

However, if the number of relevant callsigns is relatively small (say, < 1000), you can list them all in one trigger (Callsign condition => click the “List” button), and it won’t hurt the system performance any bit.

Okay, I understand the wildcard problem.
Thanks for the info.
73, Lui