Alphabetize by callsign?

I typically have several callsigns I am looking for in excess of 10 or more. Is there a way to alphabetize all entries by Callsign?

If you have multiple callsigns in the same trigger (i.e. a callsign list), they will be sorted automatically. If you mean the order of triggers, then those are sorted by comment text, so you could leverage that fact by giving your triggers appropriate comments that sort the way you’d like them to. If there is no comment, the order in which triggers are displayed is random.

Yes I was talking about order of triggers so I will start using the comments section then to put them in order. Thanks for the heads up and 73.

Thanks for all the responses and I have it sorted now in the order I want. Easy fix once one knows what he/she is doing. :slight_smile: Appreciate the help and 73…

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