Are triggers "and" or "or"

I have a lot of people I have worked of FT8 but no CW or SSB.
Suppose there is a station I only need on 40 and 80 FT8 but anywhere on SSB and CW
It I set a band trigger for 40 and 80 and a CW and SSB trigger for SSB and CW.
Will I get and alert when the station appears on 40 FT8 or only if he is in CW or SSB,
Also will the mode trigger alert on any band or just 40 and 80?


Triggers are “or” among each other, i.e. you will get an alert if any of your triggers matches a spot (if multiple triggers match the same spot, you will only get one alert). The conditions within a trigger are “and”, i.e. all of them must match a spot at the same time for an alert to be sent. Finally, for conditions that have a menu where you can select multiple items, those items are “or”.

So to get what you are looking for – alerts for a station that you need on 40/80m FT8, or anywhere on SSB/CW – you need to create two triggers with conditions as follows:

  • Trigger 1
    • Callsign: XXXXXX
    • Band: 40m, 80m
    • Mode: FT8
  • Trigger 2
    • Callsign: XXXXXX
    • Mode: CW, SSB

Please note that spots from PSK Reporter are subject to filtering as per the notice on

I think I have the same question, or one just like it.

When I started on HamAlert (just about one month ago) I set one trigger:

Band: 6m
States: AK, HI
Spotter state: Florida

Within two weeks, I got a notice that KH6 was being heard in state within, and I worked him.

Today, I’m getting an alert sent to my phone for any station being spotted from Florida.

Early in the day, I tried adding a “spotter callsign” condition to that trigger that the DX was spotted by three guys I know locally. Thinking that was an “OR”. That’s when the trouble started. I removed that condition I added but it’s still happening.

Why would adding and “OR” condition like that break a trigger?


Actually, it’s worse than I thought.

I was getting pings when Alaska was spotted by hams in Poland. Not just spotted by those in Florida, but another continent.

I deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone and it did no good at all, so I re-deleted it.

Please carefully read my “and/or” description above again.

You currently have two triggers:

  • Trigger 1
    • Band: 6m
    • Band slots: 323 slots from Club Log (Confirmed)
    • Spotter state: FL

This trigger will cause an alert to be sent to you for any 6m spot from a spotter in Florida where the spotted station is in a DXCC that you have not confirmed on Club Log (DXCCs that are only “Worked” or “Verified” on 6m will still cause an alert with your configuration). So if you are getting excess alerts from this trigger, check your Club Log band slot status.

  • Trigger 2
    • State: AK

This trigger has only one condition. It matches any spot for stations in Alaska, on all bands and regardless of where in the world the spotter is. I’d suggest adding a “Spotter state” and perhaps also a “Band” condition to this trigger.

I had that Band slots trigger for about a week and it didn’t start pinging the app on my iPhone until yesterday.

I interpreted that 323 slots as the software’s interpretation of my 6m DXCC wanted list, which is still wrong, but is the result of downloading my complete DXCC records out of LOTW. I probably did something wrong at LOTW because they say I have ~50 countries confirmed. (The current ARRL DX Country list is 340 countries long - by that the 323 it’s saying should be 340-50 or 290)

I’ve looked on the website several times for a user manual, but haven’t done a broader web search. I have so many questions I can’t find an answer to, but let me start here: how do I start over?

HamAlert does not use LotW to determine your worked band slots, but Club Log ( So if you’d like to use "Band slots” conditions in your triggers, you need to upload your current logs to Note that it can take up to 24 hours for the band slots to be updated after an upload.

There is no actual manual, but the most common questions are answered on

Delete your triggers. Reinstall the app. Create new triggers, making sure that the conditions within them are not overly broad. In case of doubt, it is better to start with too many conditions and remove them one by one if you find that you’re not getting the alerts that you intended. You can also use the “Simulate” function to check whether your triggers are doing what you expect.


I should mention that I’ve set up the triggers on the web interface. I deleted all of them then added the fundamental one.

Band 6m
State AK
Spotter state FL

I don’t see a way to enter a totally new trigger. Lets say I want to add DXCC on 6m.

First, do I add a condition to the existing one?

Second, is the only thing it will input is the file from ClubLog?

There’s a “Plus” (+) button on the trigger page that allows you to add another trigger.

No, in that case you would create a separate trigger with conditions Band = 6m, DXCC = those that you are missing, and some condition to limit the spotters to something that will give you the chance to hear the station (e.g. Spotter state = FL).

The “Band slots” condition only interacts with Club Log. But instead of using a “Band slots” condition, you could use a DXCC condition (as described above) and select your missing DXCCs manually.

I went ahead and went through the DXCC, comparing the countries in that list to my spreadsheet, which originally was the ARRL countries list, but I’ve been using for maybe 30 years.

The first time I hit the SAVE button and it disappeared. After 2 hours, it never showed up so I did it again. This time, when I hit SAVE, it gave me a notice of the “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” type and I said to stay on page. It changed to tell me to correct something but the window is blank. Here’s a screen capture.

I’m going to leave that up as long as it doesn’t disappear by itself, so that I don’t have to go down that list again.


I started to think that since it said to fix an error but wouldn’t tell me what it was, maybe it was too many countries to watch for. I deleted 25 countries to no avail, but since I wasn’t getting anywhere, decided to start from zero. Instead of telling it every country on my list, just start with the ones I’m most likely to hear. Populous areas.

So I started with a couple of countries that I’m particularly trying for this time of year, ZL and VK. I saved that and it worked. I slowly worked my way through interesting areas in the pacific (virtually all of - I only have JA and KH6) and stopped at 50, saving every time I added five. It appears to have worked.

No error message.

Glad to hear that you got it working. I tried to recreate the error that you ran into (with many DXCCs selected), but it worked fine for me even with 300 DXCCs selected. So I’m not sure what the problem was; maybe something network or browser related. Anyway, looks like it’s doing what you want it to now.

It has worked and even alerted me on one of the DXCC countries I picked.

It would be a massive pain in the tush to try to recreate the failure. All I know is that it did it twice. The first time I got the message about are you sure you want to leave the page I didn’t grasp the alternative and said yes. Everything was gone. When it repeated a second time I thought it was worthwhile to listen to it and wait to see if it worked the next day. When it didn’t I started troubleshooting.

FWIW, I’m on Firefox, 120.0.1. If I had to guess, I’d bet it did something improper when I selected one of the list. Or maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I moved the mouse and incorporated an errant space.