Audio alert with Android App

I installed this app on my Android phone but the audio is so low I can hardly hear it. I tried custom and default alerts. I have no issue hearing alerts or notifications with other apps on my phone. I have a Motorola G7 Power phone. Reading the reviews on the app I saw someone else had similar issues and they had a Motorola Power phone. Is there a working around or is just a issue with the Motorola Power phones?

Unfortunately I have no Android phone to test.
From the past I remember that a cache wipe sometimes helps,
if an app is behaving not as expected.

That’s the first thing I tried. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

Steve, N3FWE

Thanks for the report – I’m sorry to hear that the app notification sounds are not working properly on your phone. The HamAlert app uses Apache Cordova, a cross-platform framework (so that it compiles on iOS and Android from the same source code), and I’m wondering if the issue you’re experiencing might be related to an issue in the push plugin of that framework, described here: Android volume controlled by “Ringtone” settings · Issue #40 · havesource/cordova-plugin-push · GitHub

:arrow_right: If you turn up the ringtone volume of your phone, do the HamAlert notification sounds become louder as well?

73, Manuel HB9DQM

Ring tone settings are at max. All 4 volume controls are at the max. If that was the issue I would think I would have issues with my other app notifications. I will continue to play with it. If you come up with anything please let me know.

Steve, N3FWE

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You might want to consider using the app macroDroid. You can setup a macro to play a sound when receiving a notification from Ham Alert

I will check it out. Sounds like a interesting app.

But I have a work around for now. Playing around with custom sound files I notice the tail end of the notification alert seems a little louder than the beginning. So I created a custom audio file with a blank 2 second delay before the actual sound starts. The low volume issues happens during the 2 second delay but the rest of the sound file is normal volume. This seems to work. I only have to do this with the Ham Alert app.

App not waking up on time or something? Android battery saver is turn off for this app.

Steve, N3FWE