Exclude bandslot / mute call, band, mode combination?

Hi everyone!

I really like HamAlert, it is just amazing!

For the upcoming YOTA month, I’ve set up a trigger for all YOTA special event calls. To get a diploma, one needs to work as many stations in as many modes and bands as possible.

For example, I just worked CT0YOTA on 20m in FT8. Is there a way to mute this mode, band and call combination? So that I just get alerts, when there is a new call/band/mode combination for me available?

I could set up 3 triggers (Phone, cw, digi) for each band, and remove the calls from them once i worked them. This would work, but I was just wondering if there is a smarter way.

Thanks for all the work!


Hello Fabian,

Thanks for your Feedback, I’m glad to hear that you like HamAlert!

Currently there’s no other way.


Manuel HB9DQM