Getting "GOOFY" callsigns from 1 trigger

So I just recently reentered the Ham Alert system after figuring out how to reset my OLD password from several years ago (that phone died completely, and took my old password with it, YIKES!).

Anyway, I’ve setup 3 new triggers… 2 are for specific callsigns and do not appear to be having any issues.

However, the 3rd trigger is for the last CQ Zone I need - CQ34. And it keeps giving me these weird long callsigns that don’t appear to be valid, even after I edit them down to 6 or 7 characters - they always report as invalid. Yet not always, as I have gotten a few that are ok, and QRZ shows as valid.

Interestingly enough, none of these goofy callsigns are shown by wsjtx.

Here are my triggers (sorry for the layout, but I can only post 1 image, so text it is)…

Conditions Actions
Callsign VP6MW

Mode FT8, FT4 App

Callsign KC4AAA

Mode FT8, FT4 App

Mode FT8, FT4

CQ zone 34 App

Thanks for any help to fix this…

73 John

Strange, I thought that the RBN had a filter for bogus callsigns. Anyway – I have added a filter to HamAlert now that ignores callsigns from the RBN that are longer than 8 characters while also having more than one run of digits. This should still allow special event callsigns.

73, Manuel HB9DQM