Hamalert/Log4om2 Telnet Cluster

Hello…I have been using Hamalert for quite a long time. I have the filter confiugred to send me alerts when a new band country is detected (not confirmed). And that filtering works great. But the telnet connection fails after a short time and I have to disconnect/connect all the time to keep things updating. Anyone else using this config with better results?

Thanks, Harry - W0LS

What telnet client are you using?
Maybe there is a timeout configured which happens, when no spots will be reported?

Thanks for reply Bjoern. I am using my logger to connect to hamalert.org on port 7300. The logger is Log4om V2 and the client is whatever is built into the logger(?). There is a check box for “Enable connection keep alive” which I have checked. Sometimes it will stay connected for a few hours but most of the time it fails to update after 15 - 30 minutes. I then have to do a disconnect/reconnect.

Harry - W0LS

Hi Harry,
I don’t know if hamalert.org allows simultaneous logins. But you could try login either with Log4om and a different telnet client like PuTTY and see if both connections will be dropped or just one one of them.
This could narrow down possible sources (client / server).
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Good thought Bjoern. I downloaded and tried to login using PuTTy. I got connected to hamalert server but my login failed with bad credentials. I use the same credentials from log4om telnet and they work just fine. Maybe I have something else that I need to configure…dont know. I will keep trying.


Change in PuTTY configuration: Connection->Telnet->Telnet negotiation mode: Passive