Hamclock access?

Fooling around with Hamclock. Trying to figure out how to pass the userid and password into the hamalert telnet server. Can’t seem to find the syntax for that. Thanks w1ip

Somebody asked me about adding support for HamClock to the HamAlert Telnet interface last year; this was my reply:

The Telnet/cluster emulation in HamAlert is pretty basic; it only supports the bare minimum features to enable common DX Cluster clients to connect to it and retrieve spots. The additional commands that are apparently required for HamClock could be implemented, but it’s something that would not be of any use to the majority of HamAlert users who use the Telnet interface. And login/password would still be required in any case, as the spots that HamAlert delivers are user specific - unlike for regular DX clusters.

So, to sum it up: it’s unlikely to happen. But it appears that HamClock is open source, so perhaps you could modify its code to work with HamAlert.

Perhaps you can get someone from the HamClock people to help you.