How to configure alerts for my remaining 82 DXCC entities?

Hello all!

I have tried to configure the triggers for alert me if any of my 82 entities missing from DXCC is on the air. I did selecting DXCC of those 82 and modes SSB, CW and FT8. But next day no more alerts and it was disabled automatically. I tried again using DXCC home with modes and the same problem. Looks like I can’t figure out how to do that. Anyone have the procedure or tutorial showing how to? I searched Youtube and found some but all about specifics callsigns.

Thank you!


Hello JR,

did you configure one single alert or one per DXCC / mode…?
Maybe you can provide a screenshot of what you’ve tried?


Thank you for replying.

I added all those 82 checking each entity. After I added one more condition (LotW) looks like did the trick. But if I want all the QSL confirmation available, will automatically disable again. And the short time the trigger works before disabling, I received less than 10 alert since those 82 are not very common entities.


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Sounds like a topic for 2nd level support. :wink:

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I have copied your trigger (minus the LoTW condition) to my account and gave it a try. Immediately I got lots of spots; especially Azerbaijan and Macedonia were very active.

Note that the automatic disabling of triggers occurs based on the number of spots that matched the trigger, not based on the number of notifications that were actually sent to you (e.g. if the same station gets spotted 100 times in a short time, such as may happen with PSK Reporter, then you would only get one notification in HamAlert, but the system still had to process/match it 100 times for you before being able to decide that you’d already received it).

One strategy for you would be to add a “Spotter continent” condition set to South America, to reduce the number of matching spots and so that you only get those where you have a reasonable chance of actually hearing the station at your QTH. You could also exclude the RBN in your “Sources” condition, as RBN is notorious for mis-decoding callsigns and causing false DX alarms.

73, Manuel HB9DQM