I have multiple callsigns

I tried registering my 9A/KA4JAM station, but it says I can’t register it because an account has already been registered with my email account, which was my regular KA4JAM account. I only have 1 email, so how do I register my 9A account?

What are you trying to achieve with a second account? Normally there’s no need for multiple HamAlert accounts.

I am trying to get a ham alert for my 9A/KA4JAM account so I can have a DX watcher for that callsign, since many people would want to contact that station. I have a DX watcher for my KA4JAM callsign and it’s on my QRZ.com page, but I can’t get one for my 9A/KA4JAM account because my email has already been used for my regular callsign.

The HamAlert “MySpot” image that you have on your QRZ.com page will also display spots for 9A/KA4JAM or any other prefixes/suffixes of your base callsign. No need for a separate account or separate MySpot image.