I'm receiving FT8 when MODE is set to CW only

I have worked 7O8AD on FT8, so I blocked his callsign on my “Normal” DXCC trigger.
Then I set up a new trigger for him with CW as the only mode.
However I keep getting FT8 alerts. I guess this is because he is off the normal FT8 frequencies.

Thanks, 73’ Pete, N5KD.

Check the mode in the notifications sent by HamAlert. When a DX cluster spot comes in, HamAlert tries to guess the mode by looking at the comment, and, failing that, by making an assumption based on the frequency – which can be wrong.

Sometimes users have multiple triggers that match the same spot. In these cases, the trigger comment can help in order to find out which triggers matched the spot.

Yes, I feel that that’s what happened, it was a DXCluster spot with no “FT8” in comments. being off-standard FT8 frequencies CW mode was guessed. it happens :slight_smile: