Is it possible to get email alerts?

Can I get email alerts?

No, not anymore. This used to be possible, but had to be discontinued last year for the following reasons:

  • A move to a new server infrastructure that made sending the large amounts of email that HamAlert used to send (about one million emails per month) more difficult than it already was, as well as long-standing problems with filtering and rate limiting by major mailbox hosting providers.
  • Besides, emails are not really suitable for real-time information such as amateur radio spots anyway, as they may take several minutes to be delivered (greylisting, client polling intervals etc.).

The preferred way to receive HamAlert notifications is to install the free HamAlert app on your smartphone. If you prefer an integration with the logging or cluster monitoring software on your computer, the Telnet interface may be useful (but a bit more tricky to set up and less reliable due to the lack of standardization of Telnet for transporting spots). Advanced users with coding experience can fashion their own integrations using the URL (webhook) destination.