JSON download/upload of triggers

Simplify bulk modification and backup/restore for advanced users by enabling JSON download/upload of triggers.

Note: in theory users can already do this by reverse-engineering the https://hamalert.org/ajax/trigger_update endpoint, but it’s not documented anywhere and subject to change.

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Yes, this! I’ve built a DB of upcoming SES/DXpeditions that I use to create the ‘Wanted Callsigns’ files for JAlert. I’d like to extend that to include adding those same triggers to HamAlert. Frankly, it could work the other way around by using the HamAlert web interface to build a list for JAlert.

73 - Tim - KC1RET

I have created a script in PowerShell to create triggers for all missing DXCCs per band. Maybe this is useful for others so I make it available here:

How to use it:
Put all provided files to a folder, e.g. “c:\temp\hamalert”.
Export an ADIF file to this location.
Login at hamalert.org and open the developer tools from your browser.
Locate the PHP Session cookie for hamalert.org and copy the value into your clipboard.
Open the powershell script with an editor and fill in all needed information, as described in the script.
Run the script once to test, all is working fine without errors.
If that is the case, remove the comment at the end of the script to allow the script, creating the triggers.

Fixed an issue with DXCC list today.
Previously created triggers might not work due to a type issue, since they were passed as string but the system requires integer. This should be fixed now.