Monitoring last heard activity on selected DMR networks

Congratulations and thanks for this great tool. I was very surprised to find out that it supports Threema out of the box :wink:

I’m wondering if you would consider adding a trigger based on last heard activity on some of the DMR networks, based on a specific talkgroup (TG #), DMR ID # or callsign. This would be a great way to find out if your friend is active on a particular TG or in any TG. It could be used to see if a TG is no longer dormant as well. This would only work for centralized networks like Brandmeister or TGIF.

On Brandmeister, the page dynamically reloads here: LastHeard | BrandMeister

On TGIF, the page dynamically updates the LH list here: TGIF Network - Last Heard

Another advantage of TGIF is that anyone can create a personal TG based on their DMR ID. This means that HamAlert could even be used as a personal paging system, so people could just enter your personal TG to let you know they want to talk to you so you can turn on your radio.

What do you think?


+1 :slight_smile:
This would be a great feature to have. Hope this get’s some attention.