More conditions

  • Grid locator (PSK reporter spots contain info)
  • WPM range
  • Frequency range
  • Suffix
  • POTA region (e.g. US-CA)

POTA Region would be great!

hi, I’m missing the suffix option, for example /QRP


Hello Manuel

it would be great to add spotter grid square as condition. This would very useful on 6m for instance. I am located in JN47. I would set JN36, JN46, JN37, JN38, JN48 as spotter grid to find out about 6m DX spots in my relevant geographical area.

What do you think about it?

Best 73
Pierre-Andre HB9FMN

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Hello Pierre-Andre,

Yes, it’s already on the list (see the first post) :wink:


Manuel HB9DQM

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Grids would be nice …meine Stimme hat der Request :slight_smile: Danke Manuel

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