Most RBN calls are Fakes?

I am actually delighted with HamAlert, if not for the many fake triggers generated via RBN.
I analysed the messages one day.
All 5 DX messages were OK, just like the 2 IOTA messages and the 20 PSKR messages. Of the total of 26 RBN messages, however, 23 were probably fakes, i.e. there were no LOTW matches.
I don’t know whether these can be compared with LOTW. Alternatively, it would be nice if everyone could select or deselect their desired sources

There is a “QSL method” condition that you can use to filter out callsigns that are not registered on LoTW, and there is also a “Source” condition that you can use to filter out RBN spots altogether.

Thank you Manuel,
I have now also found the place where I can select the source of information.
I apologise
vy 73 Hans