Not much going on for me!

I signed up about a month ago and added about 12 prefix triggers. Got a couple of hits over 3 weeks. When I checked DX summit I found many of my prefix selected stations were on all the time and I never got a hit from them.
What am I doing wrong?

Figured it out!
Thanks, 73

Thats good to hear. Would you share what the problem was?
This might be helpful for others.

First, I am new at this web site so just got started here.
When I added my triggers some of my prefixes had a number attached while others did not. The numbered ones worked but others not. Hence it all worked but little activity when compared to looking at actual spots on the web.
Reinstalling them all under the DXCC which translates to a DXCC country number then they All worked.
Actually I like that method better because several countries have the same prefix and hunting for one and not the other sorts out the problem.
I’ll see how it goes for a few week but I expect it to be a great tool to get to honor roll DXCC. 73

I had a prefix list GD, GM, GJ, GW
It didn’t seem to work. I have since worked GM, GJ and GW.
So I changed it to DXCC 114 and put GD in the comment. Will see if that does it.

p.s. only for 60 meters.

73 Gordy N4LR

The prefix filter doesnțt work with partial prefixes, only with ‘WPX’ prefixes. Those should also contain the numbers.