Not seeing chosen countries in feed

New user to HamAlert and working so far for POTAs. I have also set it up for certain country prefixes and I have selected three sources as in the screenshot. I use Telnet and the alerts appear in my logging program. However, at least one desired country so far appeared in DXsummit but I was not alerted. I’m not sure what clusters HamAlert monitors when “cluster” is chosen, nor sure if there are any additional options other than the ones listed. Any responses appreciated and thank you in advance.
Screenshot from 2023-12-30 12-17-20

For example, “FG” here will never match, as the prefix condition matches on the callsign up to and including the digits (this reflects the CQ WPX rules, for which the Prefix conditions are intended).

For DXCC chasing, use a DXCC condition.

Ok, thank you. I made the change to DXCC condition.