POTA Re-Prefixing

Hi everyone…. POTA is re-prefixing. As an example… K-0001 is now US-0001 etc. I haven’t seen any info on this forum as to Ham Alert updating these changes? Is there any way to manually change Triggers as now the only way is Selecting from the list which is now obsolete? Thanks for the great App and 73! Tim WY1U

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i think we all have the same question

The list of POTA parks in the HamAlert system has just been updated. If you use Park division/reference conditions, you’ll have to update them to the new prefixes manually.

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Thank you! I was just trying to update these myself which led me to find this thread.

When I add or edit a trigger with “Park Division”, I still do not see “US” as a valid selection (nor can I enter it manually). I still see “K (POTA)”, but not US.

Is there some additional lag/update time we need to wait, or is there anything else pending on updating the new Park Division for US?

Thanks again!

Try clearing your browser’s cache.

All better now - must have been a timing issue. I don’t think it was cache - I had used my phone app and two different browsers on two different computers and was seeing the same behavior on all 3 devices… but now all 3 show the new division identifier “US” and I was able update my triggers.

So, whatever the issue was, it’s working perfectly now! Thanks again for such a great tool - I use it daily and really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in creating and maintaining it!

Glad to hear it works now…
You’re welcome! :smiling_face:

Thanks for the update Manuel 73, Tim WY1U

It was showing the US earlier but ifs gone now

Updated: Park Division pull down is now showing updated Prefixes as of 13:29z.

I am not able to see the updated pulldown either? I’m only able to use the wildcard * to get it to show all POTA spots.