Propagation mode condition

From @SP5XMU:

I would like to have small suggestion concerning using Hamalert as propagation detector.

As You know in summer season everyone is chasing for Sporadic Es on 144MHz

I wonder if this could be implemented to Hamalert as e.g… propagation mode usually appears in Remarks field on DXCL like below

G4FUF 144174.0 CN8LI JO01GN(ES>IM63NX 1138 20 May 2023
G4FUF 144174.0 EA9ABC JO01GN(ES>IM75IV 1055 20 May 2023
ON4KHG 144174.0 YO4FYQ KN44(ES>JO10 0732 20 May 2023

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It would be very useful feature. It is missing on mobile phone currently. Time ago we had small app EsSense made by pe1nwl on android but it isn’t working on modern androids anymore. Android application with filtering by band like 6m,4m,2m and propagation like E-Sporadic, Aurora, TEP would be very useful.

Manuel, Thank You for opening this subject.

More about EsSense by PE1NWL

This APP is not developed since 2016.

This filter could be sensitive for word in remarks field lik e.g. MUF, SHORT SKIP, ES etc.

I’m ready to support You with implementing or testing.

73 Tom SP5XMU