PSK Reporter and HamAlert

Hopefully, you will see this in short order, as the following link will expire…

On PSKReporter, I am looking for stations that FLdigi reported to PSKreporter. It is my understanding that HamAlert will harvest spots from PSKreporter.

I’m attempting to get our community’s OLIVIA spots on PSKreporter to trigger HamAlert. Seems like this is not working, or I do not understand how to set it up.

Link: Display Reception Reports

What might I be doing incorrectly?

I’ve had a look, and it appears that the additional information provided by PSK Reporter about Olivia spots (e.g. “OLIVIA 8”) was preventing the triggers from matching. This should now be fixed.

Awesome! Thank you.

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Interesting - various times, today, I spot checked PSKreporter and see that I have been reporting Olivia reception at various times. None of those have shown up by the trigger for Olivia. Can you have another look? I appreciate it.

Hmm, I see the following Olivia spots reported by you yesterday (UTC) via PSK Reporter, and corresponding alerts sent to you via App/Telnet:

Did you not receive these alerts?

I also see three more Olivia spots reported today (UTC) by you via PSK Reporter that triggered alerts to some other HamAlert users, but not to you – not sure why. Were your triggers enabled all the time?

About 90% of the spots FLdigi is sending to PSKreporter from MY station is NOT being triggered. I have not changed triggers at all. So, I am not sure what could be happening, but they are not triggering, indeed.

Also noticed my NW7US callsign is not making it to my triggers, do spots spotting my callsign, NW7US, get filtered out of my triggers? Is there a way to allow me to see spots about me?

OK, just to recap: Currently you have a trigger for all Olivia mode spots from RBN, PSK Reporter and the DX cluster (well, actually two triggers with App/Telnet actions selected separately, but the effect is the same). From my point of view, this seems to be working as intended: I see 23 spots delivered to your HamAlert app in the last 24 hours, mostly from the cluster and spotted by you. There were also some PSK Reporter Olivia spots reported by KB0VFT, KJ7ZTF and KD4IZ and sent to your app.

But I think I know why your spots to PSK Reporter don’t make it to HamAlert. They seem to arrive very late, and when HamAlert gets spots from PSK Reporter that are more than 15 minutes old, it ignores them, as they’re unlikely to still be useful. Judging by the log entries of those few spots that made it through a couple of days ago (and were already around 10 minutes late when they came in through the JSON feed from PSK Reporter), this is most likely the case here.

Sometimes these lags are caused by overload in the PSK Reporter backend, but perhaps it could also have something to do with when/how FLdigi sends them to PSK Reporter.

Regarding spots for your own callsign: none of the sources have reported Olivia mode spots for your callsign (rather than spotted by your callsign) in the last 24 hours, so there were no alerts. But of course you would get such spots, if they made it to HamAlert (in time).

In the case of my callsign, I sent a spot using my club call (KD7JOB) to a cluster, saw it on many nodes, but it never triggered anything here. Of course, that could be a network issue of the DX cluster network. Not sure.

RRR on PSKreporter delays. That is frustrating. Is there a way to have some control on the “spot is too old to report” interval? I.e., some Olivia (8/250) can be slow enough that a QSO might last 30 minutes or more.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Possible, yes – according to, that spot was on Feb 16, but unfortunately the (verbose) logs from that day have already been deleted.

For now this is a fixed value in the backend, and applies early in the spot processing pipeline for all PSK Reporter spots. I’m wondering whether it is down to the timestamp that FLdigi puts on those spots, and how long it waits before sending them to PSK Reporter. Here’s a log excerpt:

Spot: 20:08 LU2EI on 28.07479 MHz (ft8), from KB1EVH via pskreporter
Spot: 20:08 9Y4DG on 21.074487 MHz (ft8), from DM6YY via pskreporter
Spot: 20:08 LU8LAW on 28.07452 MHz (ft8), from KG4USN via pskreporter
Spot: 20:06 GW4HBS on 14.072502 MHz (olivia), from VA3PC via pskreporter
Spot: 20:06 GW4HBS on 14.072509 MHz (olivia), from VK2YQA via pskreporter
Spot: 19:59 GW4HBS on 14.072412 MHz (olivia), from NW7US via pskreporter
Spot: 20:08 BG8PB on 10.138086 MHz (ft8), from E77N via pskreporter
Spot: 20:08 TA4Q on 10.137931 MHz (ft8), from E77N via pskreporter
Spot: 20:08 9Y4DG on 28.074865 MHz (ft8), from KO4UDB via pskreporter