Setup "MySpot" for Beacon spots displayed on QRZ

Hello everyone. I currently display the “MySpot” iframe provided in on my QRZ page. I would also like to display beacon spots for the coordinated 10m beacon I run. The only difference is there is a “/B” at the end of my call.

I tried simply editing the URL of the code provided, but that didn’t work. Wondering if there is a way to do this without creating a new account with mycall/b.

Any ideas?

The “MySpot” image will automatically include spots for your callsign with any prefixes or suffixes, so there’s no need (or use in) creating another account. However, HamAlert only accepts RBN spots that have “CQ” or “DX” in the line (near the end, just before the time), not “BEACON”, “NCDXF B” etc. That may be the reason why you’re not seeing your beacon’s spots in the MySpot image.

Ah oh. Bummer. Thanks for the reply. Is there any plans to include beacon spots in HamAlert? It would be really cool to have those pushed to my phone instead of manually checking RBN for mycall/b

There’s a huge mailing list for beacon operators, I bet they would be excited for this feature.


It may be added in the future, but it requires implementing a new condition (“spot type” or similar) first so that people who are not interested in beacon spots can easily filter them out.