Simulate function is missing SNR field

Hello! Absolutely love HamAlert! Thank you so much Manuel!

A few moments ago, I was trying to send simulated spots to test my filters, and I’ve learned that because there is no SNR field in the Simulate function, I cannot test any FT4/FT8 triggers that use an SNR filter. Any spot that I send will not pass through a trigger that uses my preferred [SNR -7 … 50 dB]. When I remove this filter from the trigger, there are no issues, and the simulated spot is sent correctly.

In my case, I have a small station in the suburbs with a wire doublet 6m AGL and <=100w - a relatively small station with some local noise and poor takeoff angles. As such, limiting spots that I see to -07 or louder is super useful, and the value of simulating the triggers is obvious.

Is it possible to add an SNR field to the Simulate function?

Many thanks,
73 Joseph VE3GKT

Hello Joseph, thanks for your feedback! I have moved this to the Feature Requests category to help me remember it the next time I work on the Simulate function.