Smartphone APP doesn't work

Today (04March at ca1400) my smartfone HamAlert fall down.
Do anybody have the same ??


Hi, I have got exactly the same problem from March 4th.
The app says “HamAlert connection failed - Could not check in with the HamAlert server. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet”. I do am connected to the internet since Playstore and other apps work perfectly well.
The link “Create a HamAlert account” and “Privacy Policy” lead to a blank page.

I tried to reset the smartphone (Android) and reinstall the app several time, but no success.
Will try with another smartphone and see what happens.

Any idea ?

73 de F5MDB Walt :slight_smile:

Not sure, works fine here… Sounds like a problem somewhere on the way between your Internet connection and the HamAlert servers. Try via another Internet connection if you can to see if it makes a difference.

Hi dear Manuel,
Thank you for your kind reply.

Well, I tried with the smartphone connected via Wifi : idem.

I created a new Ham Alert account via the main site web : idem.

Then, I deleted the App, deleted all cache files, updated the smartphone with the last Android system update, reinstalled the App : idem, the App still does not work.

I tried all theses steps again with another smartphone : same problem, the App does not work either on that second smartphone.

I do not think the issue comes from my side, because SP1G reported exactly the same problem at the same date (March 4th).

So, something wrong in the App happened on March 4th for several people, but what ???

If you find a fix, I send you a good donation :grinning:

73 de F5MDB

Same symptoms as Walt.
It ran fine on a 2017 Huawei (Android 7.0) until earlier this week. I rarely update apps that are working fine but did a few this week. It may, therefore, have been the November update that broke it. (I un-&-re-installed, as suggested in another thread but no joy.
Installed and works fine on my newer Android 8 work phone that I like to switch off. This and QRZ Assistant, the 2 apps I use(d) most, show the same “Connection failed” issue.
I hope there’s a backwards compatibility fix for this great app.

after many tests (different equipment, WLAN, mobile internet) looks like that APP is not supported by Android 7 !!!
Confirmation of above come in two days (I ordered new smartphone with Android10)…


However, the App was perfectly supported until … March 4th :thinking:

I’ve done some digging, and it seems to be related to this:

I have switched the server certificate to ZeroSSL, which should restore compatibility for old Android versions.

You are great !!! ;
1.because You have created time saving functional APP.
2. Because it works again !!

thank You for quick response. Best 73 > Roman

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It works !!! :smiley:
Thank you so much ! What a pleasure to see this best ever App working again !
A promise is a promise, I just sent you a mail to know how I can send you a deserved donation :grin:
Best 73 de F5MDB Walt

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SP1G, GM1SXW, I wish you many good DX ! :grinning:
Best 73 de F5MDB Walt !