SMS gateway how?

How does one get an sms gateway api key?

Please follow the instructions here:

  • SMSReliably sending SMS from computers to mobiles is not free, as you probably know. To avoid having to charge HamAlert users directly for the SMS that they use, HamAlert instead supports the TextAnywhere (formerly Clockwork) SMS gateway. If you want to receive SMS notifications, first sign up for an account at TextAnywhere and put some credit on it. Then go to Account settings in your TextAnywhere account, select “API & IPs”, add a new API token (give it a name, e.g. HamAlert) and click the Save button. Then you can copy your token (a random string of characters and digits) and paste it on the Destinations page in HamAlert. Enable the “SMS” action in your triggers. HamAlert will then use your TextAnywhere account to send you SMS. Make sure you keep enough credit on your TextAnywhere account to avoid missing SMS notifications.

I tried to sign up and TextAnywhere informed me they only sign up companies…
"Hi Chuck,
Our platform doesn’t support individual signups, we only support businesses.
I’m sorry this isn’t the outcome you hoped for.
Kind regards,
Seline "
What did I miss in trying to sign up??
Chuck K0XM

Looks like they changed their business model then. When I integrated their SMS API in HamAlert, their product was still called Clockwork SMS and was easily available to private customers on a prepaid basis.

Anyway, in my opinion, in the age of smartphones and almost ubiquitous Internet connectivity, HamAlert notification delivery via SMS does not make sense anymore and should probably be deprecated and eventually removed. Simply use the HamAlert app and enjoy free and unlimited push notifications with much more information than an SMS can provide.