SOTA Spots with RBNHole Wildcard Reference

I have observed that triggers are not triggered by spots from SOTAWatch that originate from RBNhole and have a wildcard summit reference but otherwise match the trigger criteria.

Example: trigger configured for summit association = W6; RBNHole generates a spot which indicates W6/CT-XXX as the summit reference. Trigger is not triggered.

User error, feature or bug?

Many thanks!


Let’s say “design decision” :wink:

HamAlert validates SOTA references by looking them up in the database. The reference is only passed to the matching engine if an actual summit was found. Currently there are no provisions for handling/matching partial summit references (e.g. only association and region known).

I’ll leave this here under feature requests as I can see the use case.

Awesome, thanks for considering.

I rely 95% on RBNHole to spot my activations. Posting a SOTAwatch alert with a wildcard reference is the only way to go when you’re doing multiple summits in a day and have a fuzzy schedule.

The times I have used wildcard alerts, I have noticed distinctly fewer chasers calling me, even though I confirm later that RBNHole posted the spot as intended.

I think this means many of my regular chasers are HamAlert users!