Spotter callsign prefix omitted, e.g. EA8/DF4UE => DF4UE (PSKR)

I am using ‘spotter continent EU’ in order to filter out spots that may be available in central Europe. Lately, I have had numerous spots from callsigns such as DF4UE, PE1NSQ or IV3FSG, all of which are not located in Europe, as their full calls are (at least currently) EA8/DF4UE, DU6/PE1NSQ and 6W/IV3FSG. All spots in question were marked as coming from PSKreporter. Has there been a change in the filter settings or, is PSKreporter providing these spots without the prefix?

73! Uli DM5EE

Yes, I have recently made a change regarding the handling of spotter callsigns for spots from PSK Reporter. Unfortunately, I introduced a bug in DXCC/continent lookup in the process. This has now been fixed – thanks for bringing this to my attention!

73, Manuel HB9DQM

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