Spotter exclusion possible?

Hello Manuel and thank you for this wonderful tool! I would like to know whether it is possible (or may be in the future) to exclude certain spotters. A few stations are sending spots not under their real callsign but under an artificial name, sometimes related to the grid they operate from. This matters when you specify certain continents or countries as spot origins. I am having an issue with spotter “DM07SWL” operating from grid square DM07 in California which the software takes as Germany so I am getting many alerts for low band signals from North America in the middle of my day. Would it be possible to somehow exclude callsigns that are not properly configured as spotters?

Update - I see that an option (“Callsign exclusions - not spotter callsign”) is already available for an individual trigger but would it be possible to exclude a spotter for all my triggers?

73! Uli DM5EE

Hello Uli,

Currently it is not possible to exclude spots from certain spotters on a global basis; you need to do it individually in each trigger. However, I keep a list of “bogus” spotter callsigns whose spots are always ignored by HamAlert, and have just added DM07SWL to that list.


Manuel HB9DQM

Thank you, Manuel!
I know of other OMs who too got thrown off by spots from DM07SWL, so putting him on the ‘to be ignored list’ is appreciated! I have been trying to find the operator of DM07SWL with the help of OMs in (lowly populated) square DM07 but no luck so far.

73! Uli DM5EE