Telnet with N1MM

How do i log in with N1MM onto the ?
On my screen it runs login , displays my callsign then says password but im unable to enter a password as the field stays blank.
Am i doing something wrong?
Ive tried searching for but my browser wont let me go anywhere as it says its an unsafe link.
Any help and advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks all.

Sorry but I am not using N1MM.
A quick search however does not reveal how to set a password for a cluster.
I found how to edit the cluster list but there is apparently no option to enter a password.
Maybe it is a better idea to reach out to the support for n1mm.

In N1MM you enter your password in the 'Type:" field at the top of the Telnet window. But be aware that because it is telnet it will send your password as plain text.

I edited one of the pushbuttons on the telnet screen naming it pw and put my password as the value.