Trigger by USA State/Canadian province and Pota

Hi. Could anyone comment please? I was hoping to set a trigger for when POTA web site is showing a live spot in a desired US state or Canadian province.

I see that I can select triggers for a spotters state or the home state of a call sign. These don’t really help to identify when any park in a specific state or province is on the air being activated.

I realize I could list each individual park for triggering… But that is a huge list I have to input… For example 160 POTA parks in Illinois and maybe only one or two might be active.

What do other people do?

I think U’ve only type in ALL THE POTA calls and then u’ll informend when one of them is on the air. Or only that what is ur special interest…

The limit is max 100 triggers so you have to choose the most wanted alerts

This should now be solved – from

  • The state that a POTA park is located in (according to the POTA database) may now override the spotted callsign’s home state. This makes it possible to match on spots from POTA parks located in specific US states or Canadian provinces (e.g. by combining a “Park division = K/VE” condition with a “State = …” condition). Note that some POTA parks span multiple states.

Let me know if it works.

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Still not seeing a simple way to do this. Just want to know if a POTA activation in a particular STATE is happening. Don’t care if it properly handles overlap of states. Not every park spans two states, so I’d just love to know if any particular POTA activation is happening in one of the remaining states I still need to hunt. That’s all.

So does the method that I described in my post above not work for you?

I received a few alerts that seemed to make sense to me. They were for parks in the state I wanted for pota since your update. Will need to watch a bit longer to have more input.

Problem this week and next it’s that I am busy with work stuff and won’t have much time. After that I will

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I received at least 2 correct alerts today. Exactly what I wanted. So it’s working.

I also received alerts for trails that span parts of the country in multiple states and in these cases I fully understand that there may be no way to isolate where the activator is unless they simultaneously spotted themselves in a specific park for a 2fer or n-fer in another pota spot.



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