Trigger Simulation Dead?

After creating my triggers for missing DXCCs per band, I did not receive any spot.
Which could mean, that there simply are no spots or my triggers do not work properly.
So I tried to simulate but did not receive any spot.
I observed the same behaviour with a manually created spot.
The triggers aren’t very complex so they shoud be setup fine.
Any idea, what’s wrong?

Works fine for me. Could you post a screenshot of your simulated spot parameters so I can try to reproduce the issue?

Sure… I tried T6A and a ZA call previously.
This should match the first trigger for 10m ssb spots.

I think I found the reason why this didn’t work for you. The DXCC numbers in your triggers were stored as strings rather than integers in the backend database. The web interface does not care about that, but the matching engine does. I assume it’s related to this:

I fixed your triggers in the DB, so it should work now.

Hey Manuel… many thanks. Indeed, I received the first alert around 16:00 CET.
Sorry for causing trouble. So I assume, I have to make sure, that the DXCC array in JSON is without double quotes to be recognized as integer.

Issue was fixed and tested. Now the script should work fine.
Thanks again for supporting the unsupported JSON endpoint. :slight_smile:

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