Trigger Summary Sort on Trigger Page

Greetings. Thank you for such a perfect, streamlines, no-nonsense app. I love that I get notified about the tiny number of things that are important to me, without having to keep one eye on the huge cloud of spots.

I use the app to follow my buddy on SOTA. One trigger. Piece of cake. I use this one trigger all the time. It’s at the top of the list.

Then also I use the app when other friends are on the air in contests, or for watching some DXpeditions. This requires a lot of digging around on the trigger page to un-pause the triggers I have already made from previous contests, or make new and delete old DXpeditions.

If I could sort the triggers by various criteria, or just (“just”) drag-and-drop them into whatever order I wanted (i.e. the ones I am currently paying the most attention to closest to the top) that would be perfect. For ME, yes.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

73 - Mark N5OT

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Hello Mark,

As a workaround for the time being, you can leverage the fact that HamAlert sorts triggers alphabetically by comment text to enforce your preferred sort order, e.g. by prefixing trigger comments with numbers.


Manuel HB9DQM

I did not realize that. That’s my kind of work-around :slight_smile: I will do that and report back. Could be “problem solved.”

Thanks Manuel.

73 - Mark N5OT

Okay. It took me about 500ms to figure this out, and it works perfectly for me, Manuel. Please don’t put yourself out on my account. This works fine for what I need.

Undocumented feature?

Or is it documented and I just didn’t read the directions? :slight_smile:

Good to go,
73 - Mark N5OT

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I’m not sure where to fit this in but perhaps one could just download HamAlert url spots to a DB and add a column to id each group of interest. Then with relatively simple sql queries one could sort spots for each group.

We wanted to do something like that for some club members but lacked the documentation and/or knowledge on how the url spots work. Spent alot of needless time searching for listening clients, etc, but found just pointing the HA url to a simple script that reads the POSTs and writes to a DB is easy and works well.

It would be really nice if a help link were added to point to more info for us non-networking, less techie folks. All and all HamAlert is a wonderful tool. Thanks Manuel, Hap K7HAP

Thanks Hap. Yeah, that could work. For me, Manuel’s tip was perfect, and solved my issue.

73 - Mark N5OT