Trigger when my spots include someone calling me

Based on how Ham Alert works I’m not sure this is even possible but is there a way to set up a trigger based on someone calling me, as heard at my station? People needing South Dakota sometimes call for me before I have even transmitted, probably as they see my spots on PSKReporter. I leave my rig running all day and on several occasions, I come back into the shack to see that some poor soul was trying to get my attention an hour or two earlier. JTAlert plays sounds but doesn’t seem to have texting or other way of alerting me when I’m not able to hear it. But I don’t think Ham Alert will trigger on the call that someone is calling for, just spots from the station doing the calling so that might be the end of this idea. I read through all the topics that might relate to this request but didn’t see anything matching it.

HamAlert relies on getting spots from various sources, like the DX cluster, RBN, PSK Reporter etc. However, these sources typically only report on stations calling CQ, not directed “XXX de YYY” calls. So as you suspected, setting up triggers for direct calls will not work.

Thanks for your prompt response, Manuel. I was fairly sure my idea wasn’t feasible due to the data HamAlert can act upon versus what it doesn’t. Still, I hoped I had missed something that could make it work. Ham Alert is such a great service even without that minor feature I feel like I should donate something for all the work you do, especially since it is not ad-supported. Please direct me to the place where I can send you some funds.