Triggers based on alerts of upcoming activity

Is triggers for “upcoming activity” something which would be considered for implementation? e.g. POTA/SOTA alerts rather than spots?

Context/use case: Personally I don’t have a permanent “shack” setup and home is in a bit of dip/valley, so to chase I need to go portable - meaning that realtime “somebody is on the air right now” notifications are not easily actionable unless I happen to be out and about/active already.

If it were possible to get alerts that somebody is planning an activation in 30mins/1hr/12hrs/2days etc then I could plan around that.

I have considered it, but the trouble is that HamAlert is built on the assumption that a spot has a well-defined frequency – whereas SOTAwatch alerts typically have multiple, and the format in which to describe them is not strict, but rather just a text field that activators can fill in whichever way they like.