Unable to view triggered spots via Telnet and Firefox

I just set up a bunch of triggers to output alerts to Telnet. According to the instructions, I should be able use hamalert.org:7300 to see any spots, but when I try and do this in Firefox, I get Error code: PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. I also tried in Chrome and get the same error. There doesn’t seem to be any option to log in either, although I have tried it both by logging in and not via the main website. Any help would be welcome and thank you in advance. I really wanted to receive alerts via the desktop PC as it is the most convenient for me.

Telnet is not suitable for viewing spots in the browser. It is a text-oriented remote terminal protocol, also used to transport amateur radio spots between a DX cluster server and specialized cluster monitoring (e.g. SpotCollector) or logging software (e.g. Logger32, HRD Log etc.).

From https://hamalert.org/help:

How can I receive alerts on my desktop computer?

Here are some ideas:

Ok, thanks. Well, I got it working although I wish there were more features. I use Ubuntu which sometimes limits things. I use PyQSO for logging and also, unexpectedly, I was able to configure it to receive alerts. However, it is a very basic logger so all I see is small text with no enlargement or highlight options, nor any audible alert, which would be nice. Doe anyone know of any good Ubuntu (Linux) based clients or software similar to the Windows option recommended here? Doesn’t have to be a full featured logger, just a simple client like OE3IDE developed for Win. Thanks in advance.

cqrlog is a quite nice logging tool for linux.