Uninstall Hamalert?

I’m new to Hamalert, and now using V2.017. I have just downloaded latest V2.0.18, I cannot find how to deinstall any instance of Hamalert. The program is not listed in Windows deinstall. How do I deinstall this program? Thanks

There is no official HamAlert application for Windows. You probably mean the client for the Telnet interface made by OE3IDE (HamAlert Cluster Client | OE3IDE).

The website says:

The program does not need to be installed in Windows. Simply download, unpack and start.

So I guess it’s a matter of simply deleting the .exe.

Thanks, you’re right of course I’ve now deleted the exe/s not required and only have the latest V 2.0.18. installed.

73 F5VJC