URL notification (POST) not working for /MM calls?


if I simulate an /MM call (DP0POL/MM as example), URL notification is not called.
For all other calls URL notification is working fine.
And I can see the /MM calls in App.



Works fine for me:

Sorry, yes it works, it was my mistake.
Post value for /MM calls just send no DXCC (I assumed I get ADIF entity code 0), I corrected it in my code, now all fine, tnx :slight_smile:

Hi Manuel,

another question from the /mm topic…
Can I activate trigger for ANY POSSIBLE station working from offshore ?? ie

73 > Roman SP1G / HF0SEA

No, that kind of matching is not possible at present. See here:

pitty :slight_smile: , but I constantly observe and wait for next improvement of Your perfect program … :slight_smile:

Just for fun I made a small web page for /MM stations …


I have various cluster spot pages, I’ll leave the page permanently online for now. Have fun 73 DK3DUA