VHF spots PSKreporter

Hello, thanks for HamAlert to all of you who make it possible.
I made a trigger to alert me about QSOs on my region (SA) on VHF using digital modes but nothing ever comes out… even when I am sure there are spots that should be matching the trigger.
I am aware about the HF pskreporter anti-overload; there is something similar to VHF?
I tried switching from 2m to 10m band and worked ok!

My trigger is very simple, Continent SA, 2m band and source PSKReporter.

Thanks for any response. 73 de LU1MAW

It should work fine with 2m; I’m seeing EU 2m FT8 spots from PSK Reporter at a steady rate at the moment, and 2m is not subject to filtering. If you send me a specific example of a spot that you didn’t get alerted for, I can check the logs and try to find out what’s wrong.

I’ve also had a look at your triggers, and the one that matches 2m PSK Reporter spots only has the URL action enabled, but the URL that you have provided on the Destinations page does not work (Connection refused). Try enabling the App action also and see if you get the alerts there.

Thanks Manuel, I was working this afternoon on the server that host the URL file; thats why you found it unreacheable. I already tried using App and URL, but I can enable it again to test.

This is an spot example that I have missed with my trigger. It was recently… you have 24hs to check cause pskreporter will erase it after this time.

You will see a spot that make it trough but was from dxcluster network, none of pskreporter source.

I’ve had a look at the logs, but it seems that no 2m spots for LU7MC or LU7PBO (or any other LU stations for that matter) have been received from PSK Reporter via its streaming JSON API in the past 12 hours. But there were 2m FT8 spots for/from lots of Japanese stations. Just to be sure that the spots haven’t been lost inside the HamAlert backend somewhere, I have now added more logging code that logs all raw data from PSK Reporter before processing.

I’ll have another look tomorrow morning, hoping that some LU 2m stations will be QRV to generate some data.

I will ask to the ham community to make some FT8 QSOs. Thanks Manuel

Its working OK since yesterday, I didnt do anything, its just started to work.


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