Wrong state tripping a trigger

I have my triggers configured for just 5 states (DE, ID, NV, SD, and WY), but I’m getting alerts for a station in WA today. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Is there a fix for this on my end, or is it just something I’ll have to live with? Not a major issue, I love the program. Thanks.
John W4XED

Could you please give an example of an erroneous alert (screenshot preferred)? That way I can try to figure out what went wrong in that particular case.

I have the SAME issue. Here is an example which HB9DQM requested:
I have a trigger set for POTA “AR” - Arkansas, however the HamAlert app triggers off off of the home STATE of the POTA station operator’s FCC callsign and NOT off of the POTA park and park ID number which is CLEARLY listed in the alert information. I have included an example where the POTA station operator’s FCC callsign is from AR but the STATE where the park is located, the location where he is operating from is NOT the STATE that I’m looking for. (Last I looked, Niagara Falls is NOT in Arkansas.) Can the hamalert app be modified to trigger off of the POTA Park ID and NOT the FCC callsign QTH? There are lists available for ALL of the POTA parks. Why not search from that list? Can this be fixed? Getting alerts for OTHER states is most frustrating.

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I too have been experiencing this same issue with my POTA alerts. I did not realize it was using the spotters state instead of the parks’ state. I was trying to figure out why it reported American Somoa National Park as being in HI instead of AS, or Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in LA instead of GA.

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This should now be solved – from https://hamalert.org/news:

  • The state that a POTA park is located in (according to the POTA database) may now override the spotted callsign’s home state. This makes it possible to match on spots from POTA parks located in specific US states or Canadian provinces (e.g. by combining a “Park division = K/VE” condition with a “State = …” condition). Note that some POTA parks span multiple states.

Let me know if it works.