Do you need any programming help?

I’m a senior software engineer. I’m full stack. Python, Perl, C#, SQL, ReactJS, Nextjs, JS, etc. I’d love to pitch in, if you need some lightening of your load.

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Thanks for the offer, Tomas!

The HamAlert backend (spot acquisition, trigger matching, alerting) is based on Node.js with a MongoDB to store all the user/trigger info. The web frontend uses some PHP on the server side, and an ancient (by 2024 measures) client side JS templating engine called JsRender with some (equally old) Bootstrap version. The HamAlert iOS/Android app is built with Apache Cordova and Onsen UI.

My idea is to eventually rewrite the backend to make it scale better, splitting up the various tasks (gathering and preprocessing spots from various sources, matching against triggers, rate limiting, sending out alerts), which are currently done by a monolithic application. Perhaps the performance of the trigger matching (which already makes extensive use of hash tables and set intersection in native code for reasonable performance) could also be further improved, e.g. by rewriting it in Rust, or by further algorithmic optimization. A message queue like ZeroMQ could connect the components. Finally, the web interface could be rewritten with a more modern framework like Vue.js coupled with a suitable UI component library.

I’ve been thinking about making HamAlert a community/open-source project, to also reduce the “HB9DQM bus factor”. Perhaps it would be best to start a new project (HamAlert NG?), taking the time-proven parts from the existing code base and implementing the rest from scratch. Ideally there would be a team of 3-5 developers to work on it, to split the work and benefit from individual expertise.

What are your thoughts?

Wow! I would love to participate in such a project. I have many thoughts.

I am well-versed in React and NextJS. These could work quite well (React Native on devices, React/NextJS on website). I’m very well versed in traditional SQL and optimization of MSSQL. I’m good with PHP, Perl, Python, JS, etc.

I’m a paid users of GitHub, so if we have a repository (and project management) on there, that might facilitate great collaboration. Just ideas, of course.

Send me a direct email, and we can hash out protected details. This is exciting.


Sounds great! Let me ponder this for a few days, and I’ll get back to you once I have a clear picture in my mind of how such a new project and collaboration could work :wink:

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