Is There an Alternative to Alerts by State?

I’m just getting started with HamAlert, so a beginner’s question.

One of the attractions of HamAlert is the ability to filter DX spots by where the report comes from. I happen to live in a rather large state, Florida, and while knowing a station was heard from Florida is far better than a spot from another corner of the country, it would be be even better if there were smaller divisions of Florida.

Two obvious alternatives would be the grid square (I’m pretty sure there are 15 in Florida) or the ARRL section (likewise, I’m pretty sure there are three).

Is there a way to do that?


Hello Bob,

Grid locator as a trigger condition is on the feature request list:

However, aside from PSK Reporter spots, grid locator information may not be reliably available, so I haven’t prioritized the implementation of that feature.


Manuel HB9DQM

Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know it’s in the queue.

I’ve thought about where the grid square could come from and that it might not be there or reliable all the time. I assume the state name comes from a call sign lookup like QRZ, and there’s a handful of reasons why that can be wrong. That’s just reality. A clue that’s wrong sometimes can still be better than no clue.

The states are from the FCC database. I guess the ZIP codes from there could be used to determine/approximate the grid square.